House rules

1. The camp can only accommodate guests with camp equipment registered at the reception desk. Upon, arrival all guests are requested to register, providing identity documents and a complete list of camp equipment. The camp management reserves the right to take any measures required in order to remove unregistered persons or equipment from the camp at the guest`s expense.

2. Persons under the age of 18 may not stay in the camp without their parents or other adults responsible for their security and control.

3. Adults will be held fully responsible for damage caused by minors to the belongings of other guests or to the camp facilities. Parent or other adults will be held responsible for the behaviour of minors, especially in regard to disturbing the peace and quiet in the camp.

4. No clothes or bathing suits should be worn on the beach or in the camp.

5. You may freely choose your camping place except for sites that need the prior approval of the reception staff. When setting up your camp equipment you are requested to take reasonable consideration of the position and the peace of your neighbours in the camp.

6. It is not permitted to put up a fence around your chosen space, dig channels, erect fixed devices, make changes to the surroundings, or destroy plants, trees and seedlings.

7. Setting up camp equipment ( caravans, trailers, tents and the area in front of tents ) is allowed from 07:00 to 23:00.

8. You are not allowed to change the site or move to another camping place without the permission of the reception staff.

9. You are requested to keep quiet and not to disturb other camp guests between 23:00 and 07:00, when the fallowing are prohibited: radios, CD-players, TV sets, musical instruments, singing, loud talking, and driving cars, scooters or other motor vehicles.

10. Guests are required to keep the space at their disposal clean. Collect waste water from you trailers in canister and do not let it run into the ground. Car and boat wash is not allowed. Collect rubbish in plastic bags and put them in containers. Leave the bathrooms and toilets as you would expect to find them.

11. If you have pets, keep them on the lead. It is forbidden to wash your dogs in the sea on the beach among the guests. The dogs must be under the supervisor of their owners on the leash which mustn`t be longer than the length of the camping spot. You have to clean after your dogs and make sure that they are not loud during the night rest.

12. The speed limit for vehicles is 10 km/h. Pedestrians and cyclist in the camp have right of way. Riding scooters through the camp after 22:00 is not allowed. Children are not allowed to drive motor vehicles without adults. You have to report the possession of the boat. It is forbidden to drive your boats fast 300m away of the coast.

13.Lighting fires is strictly forbidden for safety reasons.

14. Visitors are allowed only if they register at the camp reception desk. Day visits will be charged according to the camp price-list. For visits longer than two hours visitors are requested to leave a valid identity document at reception.

15. The camp management cannot be held responsible for:
- disappearance or theft of possessions, equipment or camp equipment
- consequences of guests using facilities and equipment in the camp at their own risk ( sanitary facilities, children`s playgrounds etc. )
- injuries or other consequences of falls or injuries
- damage caused by bad weather or other damage caused to persons and possessions beyond the control of the management
- consequences arising from the improper use of installations or camp equipment.

16. The first medical aid is organised in the ambulance in Tkon. The pharmacy shop is also in the centre of Tkon.

17. The guests are required to leave before 12:00 and are requested to dispose of unused items in the designated places.

18. We recommend you to settle your account a day before leaving to avoid waiting. We ask you to leave the camp before 12:00, otherwise you will be charged for an additional day.

We shall be very grateful to you if you pass on to us your impressions and suggestions; and in the case of any shortcomings in our services, which we are ready to remove in the shortest possible time, please write them down in our visitors/complaints book at the receptionist desk.

Guests who do not abide by or who break these rules and disturb other guests may be asked to leave the camp. FKK Sovinje cares about its environment and nature. We ask you kindly to sort your waste at designated places. ”